Saturday, September 1, 2007

Sunday Scribblings 9-2-2007 "The End"


I called out for you last night.
But you were no where near.
I needed you to hold me tight,
and dispell all my fear.

I needed to feel your arms around me
as they held me safe and warm.
But all I had were cold blankets
to protect me from my storm.

The lightning flash of worries
that streak across my mind.
The thunder of insecurity
that sneaks up from behind.

Your touch would soothe away these things
and let me be at peace.
The sound of your loving voice
would help me find release.

But you aren't here to hold me
the night demons chase away.
Without you here my world is bleak
my nerves begin to fray.

You had no right to leave me here
in this cold world all alone.
How am I supposed to carry on
My heart is like a stone.

I lay at night with tear streaked face
I am always asking why?
Why did you leave? Why not me?
Why did you have to die?


Miss said...

Oh, heartbreaking, but so beautifully written.

My scribblings are at

gautami tripathy said...

Death is final. It is inevitable.

Becca said...

Such beautiful words, but so heartbreaking.

Going For Greatness said...

So very well written, so final.
Omg way to kick my butt with that one!!! *Sigh*

Saoirse Redgrave said...

Nicely done. I think saving the fact the end came in death until the poem's end helps give additional power to your words.

Well done!

Patois said...

Very sad poem. Such yearning. Excellent work. Thank you.

Paul said...

Sad but powerful words.