Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sunday Scribblings 2-24-07 Puzzled

What had just happened?

He stood in the park, looking up to the waning moon. Nothing was making sense to him now. This morning, no, 20 minutes ago, the world was full of possibilities and he had it all in his sites. Now, it was all scattered to the wind, tiny pieces of paper shredded and tossed. He sat on the edge of the fountain and looked at his reflection.

She had said no.

He thought she was the last, the missing piece to the puzzle of his life. The picture was almost complete; he would soon see what his destiny was. Now, that piece was lost forever, the picture incomplete, and the puzzle disassembled. He would have to start putting them back together, mending his broken heart and looking for the piece that fit.


gautami tripathy said...

sad and poignant.


Remiman said...

Sadly, a story repeated many times. Then we pick up and start over...hope renewed.