Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sunday Scribblings: 10-07-07

Sorry, no prompt.

Wow. I have just gotten into the swing of checking in for the prompt and racking my brain for something appropriate to share. First reaction to seeing those words was...drat. Then I saw the small addition at the bottom, how others, as resilient as writers are, vowed to take it as an actual prompt. Kind of a free-for-all week. I've seen ones who just took the word Sorry, ones who caught up from last week, some who espoused the greatness of the board here and the members and of course, the ladies running the show. I like it. To me it has been like walking through a restaurant after going to see a performance of some kind, hearing how each person was impacted by the exact same thing, but by bringing their own experiences to it, interpret it differently. A microcosm of life, if you’ll forgive the comparison.

Each week, we all have a different take on the prompt. Colored by the week, month, year, or life that preceded it, we put our thoughts out there for the world. For me, it is a fearful thing, wondering if anyone will get it. And, always, there is the great rush of happiness when someone does. There is also the fear that someone will take issue with what I have written, or will criticize something in my work, basically embarrassing me. (I have had that at other boards and it actually killed off my spirit of writing for a while. I know. I got past it, but it was hurtful and embarrassing.)

I am fond of saying I am a feedback whore. I love to get feedback on my work. I don’t often hand it out, though, unless something really touches me, or if I am specifically asked by the author to read and comment. Know that I do read you folks, and not responding doesn’t mean I didn’t like it. Sometimes, there are no words to respond with. I have had enough feedback that, while I know the person leaving it probably doesn’t mean it the way it reads, it comes off as insincere. (You know the kind that says everything is awesome, or great or whatever. Like the Simpsons episode where the art teacher praises Marge’s work, then praises the guy painting the wall or banister or something with the same words.) I enjoy reading the posts here and look forward to hearing from those who read mine.

I have just re-read what I have written. As I am want to do, I have staggered around, my flow of thoughts taking me off. (That is why I fear people won’t get it. I know what I am saying, but have I gotten it down properly to share?) If you popped in to read this, thanks. It has been a bit of an Autumn brain cleaning. I can move on with a little less thought clutter. Please feel free to explore the rest of the blog here if you’d like. I am working on making this more of a habit. I have just added a general daily type blog, although, at this writing, I haven’t put anything in it, just set it up. It is accessible through my profile.

No prompt…I have to say I think it has been the best one yet!


Remiman said...

I think most bloggers are feedback whores.
Or maybe it's just you and I. ;)

tumblewords said...

Not sorry to say that I really enjoyed this post and could relate to about 110% of it.

Redness said...

LOVE it ... you feeback Ho you ... brilliant !!!!

gautami tripathy said...

You did well writing about it. It is what we all think!