Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sunday Scribblings: Power


It wasn't supposed to turn out like this.
Relationships are not supposed to hurt.
I invited you into my life to share,
not to destroy that for which I worked.

Insidious, you crept in and took over,
greedily changing each part
to fit your specific game plan.
You wrought havoc on my heart.

Too late, I noticed the changes
in the universe in which I dwell,
How you realigned the forces
To suit you, put me in hell.

Daily, daily I wonder
How many others have you marred?
Innocents looking for pleasure,
now buried in Heaven's backyard.

I've completely rehashed the events
that put you in my realm,
Just where did I misstep
to let you overwhelm?

How did control abandon
my carefully structured design?
Willpower nonexistent?
Priorities realigned?

You were an addictive property,
a fix, a hit, a need.
And still, I crave your taste,
on you I could still feed.

Every day I slip past your callings
is one day more that I can live.
That is my satisfaction,
a high you cannot give.

The fault is not a degree
assigned in precise size.
Hindsight is the leveler
it's the only time I'm wise.


paisley said...

correct me if i am wrong... but it appears to me you have sold your own power over yourself off to this individual at a drastic price....

no one has any power over you that you have not handed down to them...

take your back....

Kris said...

Oh, I liked this. You wrote it in a really cool way; it can be addressed to anything from a person to a habit or a pill. Very well done.

I know a bit about addiction, and if this is your own "real life experience" I admire you for having gotten sober - whatever you were addicted to. I know how horribly hard it is.

I particularly liked this part:
"Every day I slip past your callings
is one day more that I can live.
That is my satisfaction,
a high you cannot give."

I'll keep that in mind to remind myself of what I'm doing.

gautami tripathy said...

No one can take our power even when we think we have given it over. We are our own masters.

tumblewords said...

Nicely written post - addiction, power, powerless and more. Good writing.