Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday Scribblings: 9-23-07 My name is...

In the golden closing light of the day, I asked the setting sun
Tell me what you are and who, before this day is done.
I never wear the same face twice,
and my colors often change.
Some times I am strong and vibrant
Sometimes I am weak and pale
I am ever changing day to day
and moment to moment.
Look at me now, then blink
and I am not the same sky you just saw
I play hide and seek with the clouds
I play tag with the horizon.
You will never forget the show I give you
As I usher in the night
I will show you hues never before seen
blended just enough to be different
The sunset you are seeing,
is not the one your friend is seeing
whether he stands next to you,
or is miles away.
Each sunset is a personal gift for you,
to give you comfort in the dark,
and hope for tomorrow.

As the last rays slipped away from me I heard the sunset sigh
and I look to see the stars were out, in the nighttime sky.


gautami tripathy said...

Sunrise and sunset are ever so beautiful.

Great poem!

tumblewords said...

Lovely poem. The personification of sun, sky and stars is creative!