Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday Scribblings: 9-23-07 My name is

A tickle
A touch
A whisper
I turned to see who
was speaking
and found no one there.

A tickle
A touch
A whisper

"Who teases my attention?
Who whispers in my ear?
Who touches me so soft?
Answer me."

I am the breath of the father,
The touch of the mother.
I am the accompianment
to life.
I sing through the leaves,
I draw in the sand,
I cool from the heat.
Sometimes, I am gentle,
You barely know I am about.
Other times, I am loud and grab your breath
and attention.
I ruffle feathers
Dry tears.
I am your lullabye."

And it left with...

A tickle
A touch
A whisper.

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tumblewords said...

Intrigue and wonder. So nice!