Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday Scribblings 9-16-07 Collecting Personality

Some people are born collectors, and others have it thrust upon them.
My apologies for bastardizing the quote, but I do believe that is the case. I am the proof.
My grandmother collected elephants. The intent was that when she passed, I would inheirit the collection, barrister's cabinet and all.
Thankfully, she is still with us, but I have the collection now. She is in a smaller aprtment and needed the room. It has been in my hallway for about 5 years but I remember the day we brought it home, how I unwrapped each pachyderm and became a little girl again. From the jeweled, to the perfume decanters, the wicker to the cast iron. All medias and sizes in a circus parade on my living room floor.

Now, although I have memories, fond ones at that, of the collection and case, I do not add to the collection. Grandma has each one numbered and documented, a complete history of who gave it to her, or where she picked it up. I am not quite that compelled to continue on.

I have another, smaller collection of items that I have collected, or, more precisely had collected for me. Cows. A friend's husband once dubbed me "Moo". Heck of a nickname, ain't it? For 10 years or better I was the recipient of all things cow, from fluffy slippers with bobbing heads (that scared my Papillion/ Spaniel mix, Tayta) to kitchen decoration and utensils, to statues. I no longer get those things, as the nickname has been relaced by my current one, Raven.

Even my current collecting falls under others collecting for me. I am a fan of Johnny Depp. Everyone I work with knows this, and when they see something relating to him, they get it for me. It is not unusual for me to walk into the office and ifns a lunch box, popcorn tin, poster, lip balm (oh yes.. Captain Jack Sparrow Lip Booty!) My briefcase folders are all Depp. I am blessed to say I have great friends and co-workers who think well of me. Our Director of Operations simply brings me piratey things.

Do I actively seek out things to collect? No. I've not the funds. I have too many small gatherings of things (John Denver memoribilia, wolves, eagles, ravens) to actively maintain and add to them. My ecclectic personality does not allow me to focus on one thing. All of these pieces and parts come together as a full collection representing me and my life. And what is life but a collection of milestones and memories? Each item collected is a touchstone to a person, place, or event. I can pick any item off of my desk and tell you where it came from, why, what the occasion was. They are comfort food for a hungry mind, things that, when I feel alone in the world, I can consume with my eyes and satiate my craving for acceptance among others. They remind me I am loved.

Have a stellar Sunday folks!


tumblewords said...

Cool post! I don't actively collect any particular sort of thing but when I look around my little area I see things that were given to me by special people and they are the great part of life.

sarala said...

Interesting collections. I like the image of you opening your grandmother's elephant collection. How wonderful that she annotated them all for you.

Saoirse Redgrave said...

I especially love the part about unwrapping all the elephants...

Very cool collections, whether they came to you by design or not,